When you consider pharmaceutical products from a supply chain perspective, everything starts with the development and production of products by the manufacturers. These pharma products then have a long journey ahead, as they go through several modes of transportation before reaching their destination. While some might be transported through air freight services, others might travel across long distances through transport vehicles and ocean freight. The last-mile delivery in cold chain pharmaceutical products starts after they reach the transportation hub. Cold Chain Packing and Logistics can help you with the last-mile delivery of cold chain pharma products with their Credo on Demand service.

What is Last-Mile Delivery?

The last mile is also known as the final mile or the last part of the supply chain process. This involves the delivery of products from the transportation hub to the end-users. The endpoint of the last mile delivery depends on the type of pharma product used. For instance, vaccines need to be delivered to vaccination camps where the health personnel can administer them to the patients. Medicines and biologics, on the other hand, need to be delivered to health centres and hospitals for use.

The thing that sets the last-mile delivery of pharma products apart from other forms of distribution is the direct contact with consumers. In the last mile delivery of cold chain medicines, the products are given directly to the recipients and consumers. The last mile delivery starts from the warehouse, after which they are transported to distant locations. The challenge comes with the cold chain pharmaceutical products which require cold storage options that are temperature controlled. This is important to ensure the efficacy and quality of the products throughout the supply chain.

Importance of Last-Mile Delivery

Pharmaceutical products are sensitive to light, temperature, humidity, and a host of other factors. In the first leg of the pharma supply chain, these factors are well-controlled as the products are stored in large containers. Even though the first leg is the longest part of the supply chain process, it allows for better monitoring.

With last-mile delivery of cold chain pharma products, monitoring becomes difficult. Temperature excursions are more likely to happen as there is no constant source of power as was available in the first leg. When life-saving medicines and vaccines are being transported, last-mile delivery is extremely important. With an efficient cold chain system, you can ensure that these pharma products reach the end-users in perfect condition.

Why Choose Credo on Demand?

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