Peli BioThermal offers the widest range of temperature-controlled, thermally-protected packaging and service solutions to the global life sciences industry.

Pharmaceutical companies — and other organizations looking to make significant cost and quality improvements in their cold chains — are switching to Pelican BioThermal for single-use and reusable temperature-controlled packaging.

Our innovative, patented technologies and consultative services ensure product quality, mitigate excursion rates, reduce packaging costs and drive Total Cost of Ownership across your entire supply chain.

Chronos Express

Chronos™ Express achieves industry leading payload to external volume ratios.

72 – 96 hours

Series 4:    2°C to 8°C
Series 22:   15°C to 25°C

6L, 12L, 28L, 56L, 96L

Chronos Advance

Our Queen’s Award-winning Chronos™ Advance offers the highest performance utilizing phase change materials and vacuum insulation panels.

Wide range of systems from 2 liters to 792 liters payload space with durations from 48 to 120 hours.

Cold Chain Packing™ is the Saudi Arabia distributor for Peli BioThermal packaging – The Global Name in Cold Chain.

Credo Cube

At the cornerstone of Peli BioThermal’s reusable cold chain packaging solutions is the Crēdo Cube ™ shipper – a sustainable option that lessens an owner’s carbon footprint, reduces waste and decreases costs.

We offer a wide range of reusable temperature-controlled parcel shippers to meet your payload, temperature range and duration protection requirements consistently.

Credo Promed

Rugged, sleek temperature-controlled portable medical transport solutions designed with the needs of sales representatives, first responders and medical couriers in mind.

Reusable packaging qualified to consistently protect medical materials such as blood supplies, platelets, fluids and bio-pharma product samples at 2-8° for up to 72 hours.

CoolPall Vertos

CoolPall ™ Vertos is a high performance, durable bulk shipper has been designed and tested with the ability to be flat-packed, modular, easy and quick to assemble.

Single Use Pallet for refrigerated goods at 2-8°, with a volume of 1,680 liters and more than 4 days duration.


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