During the pandemic, Covid-19 demanded increased agility along the cold chain. A huge number of temperature-sensitive vaccines needed to be moved as well as stored at -20 to -80 degrees Celsius to reach and given to patients. Many of them highly vulnerable, many remote areas as the deadly virus took effect on the global networks. In a 2021 survey, 62% of shippers stated that proper handling is one of the main challenges their cold chain business is facing as well as temperature monitoring also among the main challenges faced by shippers.

When the vaccine was still being developed the healthcare logistics industry knew cold chain capabilities were to be an expected solution. The pandemic exposed 5 key hurdles which was to shape the future of the cold chain. Read below to find out what these 5 challenges are and yet to continue due to high demand:

Increased need for deep frozen and cryogenic storage

Storages designed at these temperatures are not new for industries but over the years will continue to be an important requirement. With Covid-19 vaccinations becoming a major part in our lives, its clear to say these cold chain companies are going to be hard at work.

Continued supply chain disruptions

Problems and pressure in the supply chain will remain. Whether it is distribution, manufacturing or added strain on the global market. Cold chain supply companies are to become more in demand these next few years.

Enhanced costs

A key challenge is the shipping costs which can be a major barrier to growth. This can become especially challenging as companies continue to globally expand. With global prices changing this is a hurdle which will keep on appearing.

Coordination and collaboration

As the cold chain grows to include more players responsible for smaller pieces, coordination and collaboration is increasingly critical.

Increased sustainability requirements

A way to drive significant cost savings and better performance is the use of reusable packaging, cutting down on single-use waste. If a company is going through a lot of packaging this can become increasingly damaging on the environment, so it is important to make sure packaging is re-usable and not thrown away after one use.

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