Cold Chain Packing navigate the realm of cutting-edge solutions, including our revered ELPRO products, and discover why rethinking vaccine storage is a game-changer for the future of healthcare.

Learn more about a transformative journey in vaccine storage and handling, exploring how automation aligns seamlessly with the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) visionary guidance…

The CDC’s innovative toolkit: A Glimpse into the future

Last year, the CDC unveiled its updated Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit, marking a significant leap towards precision and efficiency in vaccine management. Notably, the updated guidance acknowledges the potential for automation, highlighting the role of electronic recording of temperature data and other manual procedures. This recognition is a call to embrace technology.

ELPRO products: Elevating vaccine management

Our commitment to delivering excellence in the Middle East includes offering the full spectrum of ELPRO monitoring systems.

LIBERO CH: Unlocking the power of deep cold storage

LIBERO Ti1-D single-use PDF Logger, with its internal temperature sensor and robust battery power, fearlessly dives into the frigid realms of -90 °C. Designed to endure the tough dry ice environment, this logger supports up to six alarm levels and allows for individual configuration by the user. A personalised safeguard for the most delicate vaccines.

LIBERO CL: Versatility redefined

LIBERO CL, the multi-level and multi-use PDF Logger, brings versatility to the forefront. With a USB and Bluetooth® interface, internal temperature sensor, and a range of -30 °C…+70 °C, it’s your partner in shipment monitoring and site conditions. Supporting up to eight temperature alarm zones, it ensures precise monitoring with the option to add shipment-specific information.


LIBERO W is the most versatile solution for pharmacies, clinical sites and laboratories. Being wireless and battery operated, there is no need for a complicated installation. Place the sensor in the refrigerator or the piece of equipment you want to monitor, start the LIBERO W base station and you are up and running in no time. Use a preconfigured device, which is ready to go or take advantage of different reporting options and customise the device exactly to your application. For a safe and regular readout, the device features a reminder function and an integrated USB cable. Peace of mind for your critical environment.


LIBERO CD is a PDF Logger with an internal temperature sensor and extra battery power for direct placement into the tough dry ice environment. With unmatched accuracy the single-use PDF Logger measures and records lowest temperatures occurring in dry ice shipments as low as -95.0 °C, so you can ship dry ice without needing to worry. It allows for individual configuration by the user, supporting up to eight alarm levels and the possibility to add shipment-specific information.

Automating Guidance: The future of vaccine storage

Streamlined temperature monitoring

Bid farewell to traditional, time-consuming temperature checks. Automation, with digital data loggers and IoT-enabled sensors, ensures continuous real-time monitoring. Our ELPRO products, such as LIBERO, instantly alert personnel if temperatures deviate, enabling swift corrective actions and safeguarding vaccine efficacy.

Electronic data recording and tracking

Say goodbye to manual paperwork errors. Electronic data recording captures and stores temperature and storage data in real-time. ELPRO’s electronic tracking enhances accuracy, eliminate paperwork, and simplifies historical record retrieval and analysis.

Cost and time savings

Automation equals savings. By eliminating manual checks, healthcare providers can allocate resources more efficiently. ELPRO’s automated systems reduce the risk of vaccine spoilage due to human error, saving costs associated with wasted vaccines.

Centralised monitoring and remote access

Real-time alerts and notifications

In the digital era, real-time alerts matter. ELPRO’s elproCLOUD monitoring software delivers instant notifications via SMS, email, or mobile applications. Swiftly addressing critical temperature variations preserves vaccine integrity.

Predictive analytics and preventive maintenance

Manual processes lack foresight. ELPRO’s automated systems with predictive analytics identify potential issues before they escalate. Proactive measures ensure seamless vaccine storage.

A Future aligned with automation: protecting public health

As the CDC embraces automation, healthcare providers have the opportunity to redefine vaccine storage. At Cold Chain Packing, we’re not just witnessing this evolution; we’re leading it. Our commitment to delivering ELPRO’s cutting-edge solutions ensures your journey into automated vaccine storage is seamless, efficient, and visionary.

The impact of automation extends beyond efficient vaccine storage. Streamlining temperature monitoring, electronic data recording, and automating preventive maintenance create a ripple effect across the entire healthcare supply chain. As we champion the cause of safeguarding public health, Cold Chain Packing stands as a beacon, dedicated to providing safe, secure, and controlled distribution of critical time-temperature-sensitive, clinical trial logistics, or general cargo.

Embrace the future. Choose excellence. Choose Cold Chain Packing & Logistics. Elevate your vaccine storage to new heights—because safeguarding public health starts with innovation.