As the COVID-19 crisis continues to create havoc around the world, experts say that the pandemic seems to be gaining new ground and could worsen by winter. That means thousands of daily new cases, more lockdowns, business closures, and, of course, more social distancing measures are on the way.

Highly Sensitive Pharmaceuticals

    Most vaccines must be delivered in line with the global WHO regulations packed in qualified temperature-controlled packaging systems and transported GDP compliant temperature-controlled vehicles to ensure both stability and efficacy of the product. This can be a problem for many global shipping and logistics companies as they either don’t have the experience, or they don’t have the proper equipment to deal with highly sensitive pharmaceuticals. This can leave many pharmaceutical companies scrambling to find a reliable source of temperature-controlled pharma logistics or global distribution partners to ensure that the COVID-19 vaccines reach their destinations securely and on time.

Temperature-Controlled Pharma Logistics Company

      This means that a temperature-controlled pharma logistics company is now more important than ever as it will become an essential partner that today’s pharmaceutical companies can’t do without. A temperature-controlled pharma logistics company such as Cold Chain Packing & Logistics can help ensure and support product efficacy while having vaccines delivered to end users without any deviations.

Why Cold Chain Packing & Logistics?

     Why should today’s pharmaceutical companies choose a temperature-controlled pharma logistics company such as Cold Chain Packing & Logistics? Cold Chain Packing & Logistics has the knowledge, experience, and equipment needed to ensure highly sensitive pharmaceuticals reach their destination on time and within the proper temperature range specified. With global GPS tracking of every package and accurate temperature monitoring, pharmaceutical companies can keep track of their products anywhere in the world.

How have Cold Chain Packing & Logistics helped so far?

  • Over 50 million tablets of VIT C protected by our customised packaging system and monitoring live while imported by air from USA to support the country and people during the Covid Crisis to stay healthy.
  • Over 10 million protective medical face masks imported by air from China to Saudi Arabia.
  • Over 3 million hand sanitizers imported by sea from China to Saudi Arabia.

Contact Cold Chain Packing & Logistics

     To learn more about why a temperature-controlled pharma logistics company is important to the global distribution of life saving drugs, contact Cold Chain Packing & Logistics today and speak with a Pharma Logistics distribution expert who can answer any questions you might have.

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