If you are looking for a supply chain partner, then you need to carry out a proper evaluation before you choose a partner. While you shortlist firms, there are some questions that you need to ask. The answers to these questions will help you evaluate the supply chain company. With these answers, you can screen different companies and choose the best.

Here are five questions that you must ask potential supply chain partners.

1) What expertise do you offer to support the products?

This is an important question that will help you assess the capabilities of the firm. You need to find out if the firm can offer a supply chain solution that meets your temperature needs. A company with expertise in cold chain solutions would be able to offer temperature controlled products. The partner must be willing to help in the implementation.

2) What are your temperatures of interest?

Every product has a specific temperature range to maintain product efficacy. The product needs to be stored at that particular temperature or temperature range. Failing to do so can cause damage to the product. This is why you need to find out if your supply chain partner is able to understand the temperatures of interest for your product. This is an area that calls for a proper evaluation.

3) What temperatures are experienced in your shipping lanes?

During the shipping of the product, temperatures can vary. It is important to be very clear about the temperatures along the entire lane. This will help in ensuring proper packaging of the product and necessary monitoring to ensure safe shipping. While undergoing this lane risk assessment and discussing the answer to this question, you need to understand how the firm monitors temperature during shipping.

4) Do you partner with world-class industry leaders?

A good supply chain partner is one that has tie-ups with the best companies. In order to be successful in the supply chain business, companies need partnership with industry leaders. Partnerships with leaders in the field of monitoring solutions, cold chain active container solutions, thermal packaging solutions, and real time tracking solutions is essential. Having these partnerships is an assurance of quality. You can then be confident that your products will be managed in the best way possible.

5) Do you put the customer first?

In today’s world, only a company that puts the customer first can succeed. Businesses can thrive only if they meet or exceed customer expectations. A supply chain partner must be willing to put the customer first. This sort of approach will ensure that customer needs are kept in mind at every stage of the supply chain.

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